Friday, September 24, 2010


Well, just came back from my oldest daughter’s wedding.
Didn’t find any new characters in Oregon to write about,
but when I returned home
and looked at the photos, there was this old, chubby, bald,
homeless lady in a bunch of the photos.

Yikes! It was me!

I’m not that old in my stories when I picture
myself as the protagonist.
So, what happened? Did that old broad with the
sagging eyelids and thin hair
just move in one day when I wasn’t looking?
Okay, so now I have a new character to work with.

A bag lady in
the middle of romantic suspense?

Hmmm. I see some possibilities.


  1. LOL there is that same woman sitting here at the computer.

  2. Linda,

    I went to the beauty shop this morning in the continuing search for a hair solution before the wedding. (Do they still call them beauty shops?) Sue runs Curl up and Dye. Don't you love it? Sue's job was to help me find something to do with my too-short-for-a-good-ponytail, too-thin-to-do-much-else-with, hair. And, for the first time in too many years, I saw my profile in a mirror. No wonder my daughter touched my neck last spring and whispered, "Poor Mommy."

    So, I suppose I will soon find some character bemoaning the aging sag.

    Fodder, I suppose?

    Glad the wedding went well. Pray for ours!