Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Let's Just Give a Copy of Laurel Away!

I'm going to give away three ebook copies of Susan Craft's book, Laurel, away by the end of today!
Enter a comment and your email addy. Sign up to follow and I'll put your name in twice.
But just let me know why you'd like an ebook copy and I'll enter your name. No strings attached.
3 e-copies of Laurel to be drawn tonight. 


  1. The sweetness of the cover on LAUREL warmed my heart this morning.

    We travel four to six months a year. I find e-copies great to have along; they don't take up much room in my motorhome.

    Have a blessed day, Linda.


  2. This looks like a good book!

    I enjoy ebooks because they're more portable (& tons lighter) than my plastic containers full of books. And my husband agrees :)

    If chosen, I'll contact you privately with my email address. Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. I would LOVE to have an ebook copy of this book. I loved 'The Chamomile', and I'd love to have its sequel. Susan is a great writer!


  4. Linda, Leslie, and Linda, I'll be shooting you your copies. Congrats!