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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


How about it, Van Gogh?

More interested in battling the system, taking a firm stand, rather than getting your work out there and published? Do you even care what actually sells in the industry and doing a bit of change to meet the needs of the market?
Which writer are you?

It has to be my way or the highway…
The editor says I need to change that?
Okay, doesn’t change the integrity of my storyline. Let’s do it.

It’s never easy to change your “baby”.

But are you picking the right battles?
If an editor is anxious to look at your work with some changes, are you willing to make those changes? At least compromise? Or do you dig your heels, resulting in NEVER getting published just so you can keep your manuscript 100% intact?

The publishing industry isn’t Burger King.
You won’t always get to have it your way.

Maybe you’ve just started out; maybe you just got an agent; maybe an editor just took at look at your work and said, “Let’s work on the changes and try again.”
Will you, or won’t you?
Maybe you’d rather be one of the artists whose
work is discovered
long after you’re gone.
I’m not saying one way is right or wrong.

Just what do you want to get out of the writing industry?


  1. So thought-provoking, Linda. I'm definitely willing to allow others to improve my writing. I'd rather be published before I'm dead, thank you very much! ;)

  2. hehe. And THIS is why you still don't have my ms. Because I've been told it needs major work. So guess what I'm doing? Applying lots of elbow grease. =]

  3. This is very true. I love your pithy one-liners in there. LOL

  4. i hope i'll have a teachable spirit and I hope I'll always write the stories God puts in my heart.

    thanks for this reminder.:)