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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Author: Linda Yezak Circle Bar Ranch Series/Giveaway!

 Linda, tell us about how you arrived at writing this series:

I’ve been asked whether I was ever in the rodeo or ever rode a bull. No, the history behind the Circle Bar Ranch series is far more mundane than that. I got the idea from  television. Two shows, both on Country Music Television (CMT).

Cowboy U was a reality show that aired from 2003 to 2007. It featured eight city slickers who had to learn all about ranch life. The first thing that happened when the contestants arrived at the ranch-of-the-season was their luggage was exchanged for cowboy duds. That meant the women had to do without their nail polish and electric hair dryers.

Activities—aside from adjusting to a more rustic lifestyle and learning to ride a horse—included calf-scrambling, steer wrestling, barrel racing, and yes, bull riding. Even the women had to learn, which gave me the idea for Patricia Talbert, my heroine.

Later, Ty Murray, founding member of Professional Bull Riders, Inc. (PBR), stepped to the chute. Ty hosted some  stars from TV, movies, and sports on his 2000-acre ranch right close to Stephenville, Texas. Since my family once owned a ranch out there, I put my imaginary Circle Bar Ranch in the area. Of course, I took a little license with some of the rodeo arenas in my story, but the location is the same.

Some of the folks involved in Ty Murray's Celebrity Bull Riding were musician Vanilla Ice, actor Stephen Baldwin, Ultimate Fighter Josh Haynes. These guys and several others got the full bull-riding experience—thrown, hooked, stomped; broken arms, cracked ribs. By the time they graduated from Ty’s school, they rode an 1800-pound bull in a live PBR rodeo. Compared to the real riding professionals though, they looked a bit like cyclists with training wheels.

Both shows were fun for the same reason it's fun to watch anyone adjust to being out of their element. Take your fish-out-of-water comedy and throw some animals into the mix, and you'll get a few giggles. Of course, I got more than that. I got a spark to my imagination.

That spark carried over to three novels, Give the Lady a Ride, The Final Ride, and Ride to the Altar—the last in the Circle Bar Ranch series, which tells of Talon Carlson’s and Patricia Talbert’s romance from meeting to wedding.

In Ride to the Altar, I throw overwhelming hurdles into Patricia and Talon’s path to wedlock. A past love, murdered years ago and now only a file in an unsolved case, returns to haunt Talon. A long-held grudge demands release, yet Patricia has no idea how very deep it runs until she confronts her mother. An attack against the Circle Bar Ranch itself leaves cattle dead and one of its hands injured.

Different from the other novels in this series, Ride to the Altar forces the two to face their pasts individually before they can face the future together.


Linda is offering a giveaway prize to one lucky entrant! As pictured, the prize includes a signed print version of the series, a 16-ounce Christian cowboy mug, a horseshoe picture frame, a Ph. 4:13 stretch bracelet, a cute set of magnetic page markers, and a Texas Rubiks cube just for fun. All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment.CHECK OUT THE GIVEAWAY! YEEHAW!

Tomorrow’s blog will be Jody Bailey Day’s Love Colored Glasses. Don’t miss it!

The winner will be announced Monday, August 6, on Linda's blog, 777 Peppermint Place.

Good luck!

Thanks so much for joining me here. And that giveaway looks awesome. Don't miss out, folks! Once her blog tour rides to an end, she'll hop outta the saddle, and lasso a name. Once she's wrangled a winner, she'll post the name as stated above. DON'T MISS YOUR CHANCE! 

Thanks again, Linda, for visiting!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Meet J’nell Ciesielski Author of Award-winning novel, Among the Poppies


Believing she was born in the wrong era, J’nell Ciesielski spends her days writing heart-stopping heroes, brave heroines, and adventurous exploits in times gone by. Winner of the Romance Through the Ages contest and Maggie Award, J’nell can often be found dreaming of a second home in Scotland, indulging in chocolate of any kind, or watching old black and white movies. Born a Florida girl, she now calls Virginia home, along with her very understanding husband, young daughter, and one lazy beagle.

Among the Poppies releases today, June 11, 2018

J’nell’s eye for details is one reason she is able to call herself an award-winning novelist.

Read what happens with Gwyn Ruthers, a woman way ahead of her time, enters WWI as an ambulance driver. Love can’t be far away:

Gwyn Ruthers longs for adventure far beyond the stifled life society restricts her to as a chauffeur’s daughter. With the war to end all wars exploding across the Channel, Gwyn signs up to drive ambulances on the Front. Rambling over bomb blasted roads and living in mud bogged trenches is far from the exotic travels she had in mind. A simpler life doesn’t look quite as bad as she once thought. Especially when a handsome captain has her rethinking her objections to settling down.

Meet with J’nell at:

Don’t miss her starred review on Publisher’s Weekly:

Friday, June 8, 2018

Coming of Winter by Author Tom Threadgill

Don’t read late at night, if you’re home alone

Catherine Mae Blackston is missing. She is not the first. While investigating Blackston's recent activities, FBI Agent Jeremy Winter stumbles upon a string of missing persons within state parks. Unable to convince his boss that Blackston's disappearance is anything other than a lost hiker, Winter joins forces with a local police officer to continue the search.
As the clues mount, a dark figure from Jeremy's past emerges with an ultimatum — one that could force him out of the Bureau. Afraid that his girlfriend, fellow agent Maggie Keeley, will be dragged into a high-stakes political game, he delays his decision. But as the tally of missing persons increases, Winter closes in on the unlikeliest of suspects.
The bodies are out there.

He just has to find them before his past catches up with him.

Tom Threadgill turned his love of a good tale into a full-time profession. His books have a distinct focus on clean, suspenseful action with strong character development. When not writing, he teaches, edits, and mentors others in the art of storytelling. In his downtime, Tom enjoys woodworking, riding his Harley, and chasing the elusive Yard of the Month award. He currently resides with his wife in rural western Tennessee and can be reached through his website at

Tom’s novel of suspense and outright thriller releases July 25, 2018