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Friday, February 8, 2019

It’s That Time of Year! Romance! Linda S.Glaz

Congrats, Dee Yoder, that story was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Hope you ALL enjoy the books I sent you!

Yes it is. And you all know how I LOVE to give away books. I also love to hear wonderful stories of Happily Ever After. If you have a wonder tale to share here in the comments, please feel free to. On Wed. the 13th, because it’s REALLY a LUCKY number, I’ll pick what I think is the most romantic story, and you’re gonna win a bunch of books with lots of love attached.
But that’s so subjective! Yes it is. I want to hear the best story and reward it!
Maybe you can all help and chime in on the stories (in the comments) that you like best.
What am I gonna win you ask…lots of goodies!

Books from authors such as: Kate Breslin, Jodie Wolfe, Kathleen Rouser, J’nell Ciesielski, Susan Tuttle, Ashley Ludwig, and others.

Don’t miss out! Leave your HEA in the comments and I’ll choose my fave Love story from all of you at midnight on February 13th!

Happy Valentine’s Day, let’s feel the love!!!