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AGENT: Linda is a an agent with Hartline Literary Agency. She would love to represent that next great American novel! She will look at nonfiction, but she LOVES FICTION--historic, suspense, romance or all of the above.

AUTHOR: Linda writes romance in all categories, but what is her fave? Suspense, and not only suspense, but SUSPENSE SEALED WITH A KISS

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Won't be Long Now! Linda S. Glaz

Well, it won’t be long now and the conference season will be in full swing.
What questions do you have?
What should I wear?
What should I take?
What will the editor agent want to see?
How can I possibly be around that many people and survive?

What questions do YOU have that I can help with to put your minds to rest?

Friday, February 8, 2019

It’s That Time of Year! Romance! Linda S.Glaz

Congrats, Dee Yoder, that story was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Hope you ALL enjoy the books I sent you!

Yes it is. And you all know how I LOVE to give away books. I also love to hear wonderful stories of Happily Ever After. If you have a wonder tale to share here in the comments, please feel free to. On Wed. the 13th, because it’s REALLY a LUCKY number, I’ll pick what I think is the most romantic story, and you’re gonna win a bunch of books with lots of love attached.
But that’s so subjective! Yes it is. I want to hear the best story and reward it!
Maybe you can all help and chime in on the stories (in the comments) that you like best.
What am I gonna win you ask…lots of goodies!

Books from authors such as: Kate Breslin, Jodie Wolfe, Kathleen Rouser, J’nell Ciesielski, Susan Tuttle, Ashley Ludwig, and others.

Don’t miss out! Leave your HEA in the comments and I’ll choose my fave Love story from all of you at midnight on February 13th!

Happy Valentine’s Day, let’s feel the love!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

What I Hear as an Agent Linda S. Glaz

Okay, people ask me this question all the time. 
     Why do I need platform before a book is contracted and how do I grow it without a published book?
     Publishers want to know "ahead" of time that you are working hard at connecting with potential readers. That you can market! That you're willing to put in the work.
     So how do you do it without a book?
     Let's look at an historic author pre-publication. Create a website/blog that engages followers with items about your time period. Era recipes, era clothes, one-page short stories, interviews with other authors who write historic. Most are eager to be posted on someone's blog to promote their current release. 
     Once you've set up your site, about 20-30 minutes a week will keep it up to date. BE consistent. Post short articles or reviews on your FB page. There is PLENTY that you can do to get followers who will turn into readers once you have that book. Can you do reads in your genre at the library? Speak at ladies' teas (men's breakfasts) at churches on what a writer's life is like and how to maintain the faith while writing/waiting. There are numerous ways to build that following, and more and more, publishers want to see plenty of marketing work coming from you BEFORE they give you a contract!      
     Look at it this way: if two amazing books are offered to them, and they LOVE them both, but one author has a total following in all his/her social media of about 963, while the other has a total of around 11,674, who do you suppose they will lean toward? 
     You can do this. But you have to make the start and follow through! To say, "I'm a writer, that's not my job," shows that you do not understand the industry. 
     Yes, marketing IS part of your job.