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Friday, February 8, 2019

It’s That Time of Year! Romance! Linda S.Glaz

Congrats, Dee Yoder, that story was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Hope you ALL enjoy the books I sent you!

Yes it is. And you all know how I LOVE to give away books. I also love to hear wonderful stories of Happily Ever After. If you have a wonder tale to share here in the comments, please feel free to. On Wed. the 13th, because it’s REALLY a LUCKY number, I’ll pick what I think is the most romantic story, and you’re gonna win a bunch of books with lots of love attached.
But that’s so subjective! Yes it is. I want to hear the best story and reward it!
Maybe you can all help and chime in on the stories (in the comments) that you like best.
What am I gonna win you ask…lots of goodies!

Books from authors such as: Kate Breslin, Jodie Wolfe, Kathleen Rouser, J’nell Ciesielski, Susan Tuttle, Ashley Ludwig, and others.

Don’t miss out! Leave your HEA in the comments and I’ll choose my fave Love story from all of you at midnight on February 13th!

Happy Valentine’s Day, let’s feel the love!!!


  1. Our love story began at Mitchell Field Airport in Milwaukee. My sister and I had gone home to Upper Michigan in September for some weddings and return trip was cancelled due to strike. Only mode not on strike was air so we landed in Milwaukee -35 miles from home. Marlene's friend did not have a car available, but his friend Ken did. It was our first flight and admittedly a little giddy at the experience we were running up and down the escalator (first time experience and I was only 17) when we saw John, my sister's friend with 2 other young men. I pointed out the taller blond and told my sister I'm going to marry that one! We met, went out to eat and played the I'm not watching you game across two booths, ran out of gas and a week later Ken asked John's brother who worked with him to get my phone number. We dated a month and got accidentally pre-engaged in Oct. and he gave me the ring in December. How does one get accidentally pre-engaged? We were walking downtown on a Friday night when a jewelry store clerk opened the door and asked if we wanted to look at anything. I'm a prankster, and glanced in the window where a wedding set was featured for $29. Ken and I looked at each other and I said sure, let's see the $29 set. Ken did not like it, and the clerk asked him if he'd like to see others - he played along and said sure. Then the clerk announced the store was going to close and asked Ken if he wanted to put a set on layaway. He said yes! We walked out in shock.

    1. Oh, my goodness, what an awesome story! You've got my heart literally pitter-patting, if hearts still do that in 2019!!!

  2. I met him, at church in 1989. I was 14. He was the new guy, super cute, mysterious and did he ever smell good! Not long after he started dating my best friend. We became somewhat friends but he was a little edgy. My friend fell hard and was crazy about him. He did not seem to treat her as a gentleman should. Shortly thereafter he broke her heart and quickly started dating others girls. I could not stand him at that point. He seemed like a total jerk to me. When I graduated from high school he was still around. We were both dating other people but we saw each other regularly at church and began a new friendship. We had both grown up a lot and he started showing interest in me. We broke off our other relationships and started dating. We were married the following year. We were still young and had a lot to learn but with hard work and a commitment to love each other for better or worse we have the most happy, loving and fulfilling life together. We have 3 children and we will celebrate our 25th anniversary on February 24th. My heart is so full and overflowing with love for him! I love reading romance because I can relate to mushy love stories! I feel sorry for people who have been hurt and are jaded by love. Is my guy perfect? No, but he's perfect for me and he shows his love or me in his own way everyday. He melts me.

  3. Oh, and I melted, too! How awesome. Yeah, when I met my husband, I thought he was a jerk and told my parents so. Then my dad introduced us. It was a second marriage for both of us, but we sort of just knew when we met and he asked me to dance. He loves to tell people that my dad paid him to take me out. Sheesh!

  4. I met Frank at summer camp between my junior and senior years in college. I was a camp counselor, he had come back to visit. We had a mutual friend who introduced us. We dated on my days off during the summer. Six weeks later he proposed. I said yes, then spent 14 weeks in Brighton, England, for a college term abroad. When I returned to the U.S.A., he bought my diamond ring. In May I graduated from college, and we were married in July, one year after we met.

  5. Awwww, that is really sweet. Did he propose or did his mini-me friend? I can almost see him doing that!

  6. A friend of mine worked at the coffee shop in the mall. I stopped to say hi. A few minutes later, a tall, handsome, bearded man walked up. It was her friend Matt. I'd heard her talk about him a lot, but she's seven years younger than me, so I assumed he was her age. Nope. He was my age. She had a rush of customers, so Matt and I started chatting. After I left, he asked her for my email address so he could contact me himself to ask for my phone number. We were COMPLETE opposites, but both had a heart for God, so we agreed to pray about it. Three months later he proposed. Five months later we got married. That was 13 years ago. Funny thing is, way back then, Matt had just bought himself a cup of coffee but felt like he was supposed to go the coffee shop anyway. If he hadn't, we might not have met!

    1. Awwwww, that's really cute! So good to hear God and obey!

  7. Rick Barry has tried everything and his story won't post, so I'm posting here for him. Great story:
    Here's a true love story about a friend in Ukraine. Sergei was born in Soviet days. He grew up in a non-Christian home where he never heard about God. As a young man he became an atheist and member of Young Communists.

    As a University student he met a young lady named Olga, who was different from other girls he knew. Sergei tried to develop a friendship with Olga, but when he mentioned the topic of marriage, Olga said, “I can’t marry you.” When Sergei asked why not, she replied, “Because you’re not a Christian, but I’m a Christian.”

    He was astonished. What kind of people are Christians that they can’t get married?? At his request, she took him to a church service. Instead of seeing a few elderly grandmothers and a priest, Sergei was amazed to find hundreds of people at the service, many of them young people.

    That initial service didn’t impress Sergei. Later, with the goal of helping Olga to overcome her “religious brainwashing,” he went to the library and checked out books on atheism. But they were superficial. He says, “I was shocked that such thick volumes written to teach that there is no God offered no concrete proof at all.” When he talked with the youth at Olga’s church, all the arguments from those books burst like soap bubbles.

    Sergei began attending church regularly. Eventually, he repented of his sin and accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. The following summer he was baptized. In the Lord’s timing, he did marry Olga. Today they have both biological and adopted children.

    This former atheist eventually studied for ministry and even planted a new church in the Obolon district of Kiev. God has worked greatly in this man’s life. How interesting that this continuing love story began when a dedicated Christian girl stood by her convictions and said, “I can’t marry you.”

  8. My husband and I met while I was on Christmas break from college. We were seated across from each other at a college/career dinner after church. I'd never met him until then, but my Mother mentioned she'd met him a month before at church so I knew of him. He was funny and charming during dinner. Fast track five months and we were dating, five months later we were engaged, eight months after, married. This year is our 32nd year of wedded bliss. My husband likes to joke that my Mother was our "matchmaker." Funny thing is, my Mother thinks so too. And she was.

  9. That's wonderful!!!! She knew what she was doing!!

  10. My love story involves two guys. The first love story began with an engagement to my best friend. On the day he asked me to marry him, he took me to Holmes County, Ohio, looking for his Amish grandparent's graves. We seemed to drive around all day, but I'd not really thought about his Amish heritage through his mother before so I was intrigued. But I couldn't figure out why he was insistent that we drive back toward home and go into the local state park--it was nearing dusk, and he wasn't an outdoorsy type. He told me later he'd meant to ask me to marry him earlier in the day, but recalled that his dad had asked him mom to marry him while they were in a cemetery, and he didn't want to repeat that non-romantic error. So in the beauty of the surrounding forest, just as the sun sat on its bed, he asked. I said yes.

    Flash forward two years. We had married, had a son, and were living the dream. Truly, he was a Knight in Shining Armor type husband. Life was PERFECT. And then, cancer came along. After a valiant fight against the disease, my sweet Jim went on to Heaven. He was 35. Our son was barely three. I was devastated.

    One day, a few months after Jim had died, I got a phone call from a fellow at church. He asked me for a date! I was shocked, upset, and a little angry. At him. And at God. But I was kind about it and suggested it was too soon to think of dating. But that call allowed me to think that maybe life might just go on. Months passed. I was still fighting deep grief. And then, in the spring following this long winter of sadness, another call. Same fellow.

    My friends and family said "Say Yes!". I wasn't so sure, but I felt deep sadness when I though of my little boy living his life with no father. And as unromantic as that thought was, I did say yes.

    After our first date, I came home and was mad as a hornet! "God! What do You think You're doing? I know You sent this guy, but I'm NOT going to get my heart broken again by loving him!" That night I wrote a list "for"God: IF I got married again, the man HAD to be:

    A carpenter (to fix things around the house), social worker (to understand my son's heart and our great loss), bachelor (I selfishly didn't want to have to handle the ex-wife issues), acceptable to my mother-in-law whose heart was broken by the loss of her son, and above all, a strong Believer. Does God need a list? Well, He's the perfect Father so He didn't laugh. No. He took me seriously. VERY seriously.

    Second date: The fellow tells me he has been praying for years for a wife and a son. He was then 42. A bachelor. He had an Amish background, from the same area my mother-in-law came from--they even had Amish family connections--way back. He was a trained carpenter who went back to school to become a mental health social worker. He told me he had met Jim, on Jim's last Sunday at church. He had been one of several men who had gathered around Jim to pray for him.

    Months later, when he asked me to marry him, I said yes. Of course. And then he said the most romantic words my heart absolutely needed to hear:

    "When I go to Heaven, the first thing I want to do is shake Jim's hand and tell him thank you for letting me take care of his family."

    Twenty-two years later, we've had our ups and downs, but one thing we BOTH know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is that God put us together. And we're so happy He did.

    1. Oh, Dee, my heart is still pounding after reading this. God really does has a sense of humor, honor, and above all else, He protects us. What a story!!!!!

    2. That was so lovely Dee! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I was nervous. I had fallen for a guy that I had never met in person. He broke all the rules I had set for myself that year; no older guys, no guys I had met online, no guys who worked with computers, no long distance relationships, and definitely no serious relationships. After all, I was a senior in high school, and I would be going off to college soon.

    A couple of months prior I’d been bored on a Thursday night and I’d hopped on to a talker (chat rooms not connected to AOL). I rarely used them anymore, but it was kismet, fate, whatever you want to call it. There I was talking to a guy who went by a handle of Drac and I was having so much fun. It quickly became an addiction. I would go home, finish my homework, and log in and cross my fingers that he would be online too. It was thrilling! He was older than I was but I didn’t have trouble relating to him. That was my problem in high school. I found all of the boys my age boring, and it didn’t help that I’d known many of them since I was five.

    We started speaking on the phone, and then he arranged a trip to the Chicago area to meet me, in person, face to face. Would he be one of those creepy guys from the internet everyone had warned me about? I took my sister. Actually, she convinced me it was wise that she came along. This way she could help provide a cover as to why I was not home all day, working on the paper due at the end of Christmas break. It was a good thing she came along as we sat waiting and waiting for him to arrive, at the Thai Restaurant I had picked out. I had almost given up as it was an hour after our arranged meeting time when the waiter, who was patiently waiting for us to order, delivered a message that he had just received a call from my date. He was stuck in a traffic jam on I-94 and had stopped at the closest pay phone he could find. We decided to order as we waited another hour for him to show up. It was worth the wait as the minute we met in person I knew it was fate. I was lucky as it was destiny for us to meet and he’s the only person I have ever been in love with.

  12. Oh, I never knew this, Cecile. What a great story! Awwwwww....

  13. SO many great stories here! But Dee Yoder, you had me eating out of the palm of your hand.What a beautiful story! Shoot me a note so I know I have the right email addy to send you books.