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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Soooooo, how does it make you feel when someone gives your book a poor review? Or, if you're unpubbed, if your crit partners let you have it? I'm sure most of you have already read about the British self-pubbed author who was:

Let's say. . . . . .

Less than happy about a review she received and launched into a rant the likes of which a two-year-old toddler would have been proud, or maybe even embarrassed. Depending on the toddler, I guess.

For those of you who might have missed it, here's the URL:

Be prepared, however, it's full of slightly (ahem) colorful language. Knowing that agents and editors might tune in to the continuing saga (not sure I've EVER seen that many responses to a blog) would you really want to be remembered as the author who had the internet meltdown? Granted, she might be suffering from menopausal issues (I hope there's a logical reason) but then again, she might not.

Folks, don't burn any bridges in this industry.
It isn't worth it.

Simply thank the person for taking the time to read your work, whether a reviewer or a crit partner, and move on. I hope no one within reading distance of this post EVER responds in like.

Good luck, happy writing, may all your reviews be AMAZING!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Okay, we’ve all heard it in classes. No one should say:
He growled
She snorted
He admonished
She chided
He murmured
She whispered and on and on . . .
I’ve heard it explained only he said/she asked.
Recently I heard the move is going a bit further and only
he said and she said are considered the most
acceptable modes with respect to dialogue.

What do all of you think? Do you dislike reading dialogue with
all kinds of tags? Or is a good story the most important thing?
Is it distracting or does it add to the story?
How do you write, with or without different tags?
Would love to have your feedback…
Happy writing, she mumbled.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Isn't That Just Like a Writer's Life?

From my little corner of the world.
It’s spring, and what comes with spring in Michigan?
More snow, more sleet, more freezing rain.
Well, isn’t that just like a writer’s life?

Just when you feel like you have your foot in the door,
someone comes along and slams the door on your foot.

You can cry, whine it isn’t fair, and limp around,
or you can grab a pair of crutches and learn to walk
with them, run with them,
jump hurdles with them.
And get back to writing.

Until the next door opens and you are allowed a few
more steps inside.

Has spring been overcome with freezing rain in your writing
world, or are you simply missing the signals that tell you
you’re slowly getting ahead? One crocus at a time...

OR . . . maybe the time has come to kick the doggone
door down and step through
. Don’t be afraid, take the
next step. If that novel has been sitting in your computer
drawer because you are afraid of the possibility of rejection,
then get off your fanny and move it! There's no day like today!
After all, there's freezing rain outside and nothing else to do
but dust off the work center and dig in.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So, how do you want to be known?
This week in the media, we have seen a human being and his entire family turned into nothing but pathetic sound bytes, for all to hate, love, denegrate, or merely stand by and watch the meltdown occur. Charlie Sheen. For all intents and purposes, here is a man who had it all in the worldly sense, and the sand is shifting so rapidly under his feet, he's scrambling to take a stand.

I don't know about you, but I feel compelled to feel sorry for him.
Probably the last thing he wants, but for some reason, the good Lord continues to lay him and his family on my heart. Errrrghhh, one of those, pray about it whether I like it or not deals.

But let's face it. This is what we all come down to.
Do we want to be known for our rants, our meltdowns?
Or do we want to be known as someone who LIVED,
who knew HOW TO LIVE,

It's the same with our writing. How do we want to be known?

Maybe writing erotica would net us thousands of dollars; okay, let's be honest, hundreds of thousands, but are willing to be known by that standard? And yes, this is a moral statement and stand, one which I have no problem defending.

When and if you are in the public eye, what will people say?

And if you're waiting for that day, remember this;

You ARE in the public eye every day of your life.