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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Isn't That Just Like a Writer's Life?

From my little corner of the world.
It’s spring, and what comes with spring in Michigan?
More snow, more sleet, more freezing rain.
Well, isn’t that just like a writer’s life?

Just when you feel like you have your foot in the door,
someone comes along and slams the door on your foot.

You can cry, whine it isn’t fair, and limp around,
or you can grab a pair of crutches and learn to walk
with them, run with them,
jump hurdles with them.
And get back to writing.

Until the next door opens and you are allowed a few
more steps inside.

Has spring been overcome with freezing rain in your writing
world, or are you simply missing the signals that tell you
you’re slowly getting ahead? One crocus at a time...

OR . . . maybe the time has come to kick the doggone
door down and step through
. Don’t be afraid, take the
next step. If that novel has been sitting in your computer
drawer because you are afraid of the possibility of rejection,
then get off your fanny and move it! There's no day like today!
After all, there's freezing rain outside and nothing else to do
but dust off the work center and dig in.


  1. Great reminder, Linda. Gotta take that step forward!

  2. That's a great analogy Linda. I guess the one crocus at a time isn't bad...just hard to be patient.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance