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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Woohoo! The brown stumps with green
all over them really are trees.

The cataract’s gone, folks.

Where did that young woman with thick
brown hair and bright blue eyes go?

She’s an old coot. Cataracts and all.

Only now, there’s just one bad eye and it sees pretty good!
The years flew by just like my grandmother said they would. And she was a wise woman. Lived into her 90’s and was sharp (almost) as the proverbial tack. She had silver hair swept up in curls all over her head like Spring Byington, and if you know who she was, you’re as old as I am . . . maybe older.
(December Bride)

Time moves ever forward.
Are you living your dream?

If you aren’t at least attempting to put some time in on your writing, if you’re only skimming by, if you don’t treat writing like (at least) a part-time job, then why bother in the first place to think of yourself as a writer?

If God blessed you with a story. Write it!

And now that the surgery’s over, I have no excuses.
Back to the proposals that have been sitting here, waiting for me
to LOOK at them.

Woohoo! There really are words on the pages!!!
Important details were highlighted and made larger for the rest of you


  1. so, you're saying you can see clearly now? :) Congrats on your renewed vision, Linda, literary and ocular.

  2. Linda what a timely post! Nice to meet you on the ACFW course loop :-) Hey - I was just diagnosed this week with a cataract (early) in my left eye. Sob! I feel so old... an old coot, indeed! Glad to hear your vision is clearer.

  3. Don't be discouraged, find a wonderful opthalmolgist and get it out. I was thrilled and it was SOOO easily done. I was at the computer the next day cranking out work, (I think I was quite lucky there) but it went so well and what a difference. Yeah, just another old coot! Glad to meet you too. Aren't their classes just wonderful?

  4. LOL; I especially loved the prodding. Too true; if we call ourselves writers, then get busy: we're given a limited amount of time. Great post.

  5. Hey, that bigger font worked nicely for me! :-) I'm so glad you're back in business. LOL And thanks for the kick in the pants. I'll admit to skimming by but I think it's time I got to writing. I feel so out of practice. It's been a while.

  6. No cataracts yet, thank goodness, and my bifocal contacts mean that I don't need the large font you used. But I should spend a little more time on my writing . . .