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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Guest today, Bobby Weaver, is the author of:
Before we dig into that title, Bobby, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well Linda, I am a relatively new Christian (thanks to an on-air national fight with Howard Stern…yeah, THAT Howard Stern). I was pretty much a human disaster for the first 50 years of my life….then Jesus showed up and he is in the process of revolutionizing my life. You can see the press release that explains a lot by going to:

Very impressive, Bobby. I encourage you all to check out the press release; it’s thought-provoking to say the least.
Okay, so this is quite an explosive title. Certainly puts the responsibility in our hands for how we represent ourselves to the world. What made you pick this topic?

I chose the topic by observing one particular person that kept figuring out ways to alienate seekers and new believers from the Christian faith. This person was a hypocrite and a world-class judge…he could and would judge anyone at the drop of a hat. By the way, that person was me.

How did you muster the courage, no, let’s be honest, the guts to write on this?

That’s an interesting question. I don’t think it took courage or guts. I think maybe “obedience” is the better word. It just became so obvious to me that I could write a book about “us Christians” that did a poor job of representing our faith because I was one of them.

What gave you the idea? Any special event that triggered your thought process?

I suppose my “road rage” had a little something to do with the original idea for the book. Thanks to my dad’s OCD concerning driving skills, I was brought up being overly observant of the behavior of other drivers on the road. And I recall on several occasions’ Christian drivers either cutting me off, running a red light or whatever. And why did I assume they were Christians? Because they advertised it! Yep, right on the rear of their vehicles with bumper stickers “fish” emblems and so forth. And that is when it occurred to me that many of us might be inadvertently driving people away from our faith by our actions. And not just by our driving habits, but other habits such as our language, our attitude, our “judging others” and many more

More than one of us can identify with that, I’m sure. At least, I know I can. I’m one of those drivers-OUCH.
What kind of response have you had?

I have probably mentioned the title of this book: “If It Weren’t For Us Christians, There’d Be A Lot More Christians” at least 350 times to fellow Christians. Almost to a person, the response has been a big smile or laugh and a comment like “Isn’t that the truth!?” My publisher even said originally that the title was too long but by the time I agreed to change it, they had mentioned it to a lot of people and had the same positive response. So we stuck with the original title…and I’m thrilled we did. People relate big-time!

Was your family behind you or did they try to persuade you not to tackle this hot button subject matter?

The family was fine with it…I mean, this is a real tame venture compared to my

LBJ…Life Before Jesus.

Where does your passion come from?

It comes from trying to imagine someone dying and going to hell because one of “us Christians” scared them away from the faith.

Do you have any other books “under construction” at the moment?

Yes, I have a book to be out next year. It is called “Kids Pray The Darndest Things.” It is a collection of short prayers that kids say to God. Here’s a couple of samples:

Dear God,
Last year Timmy Johnson tole me that hell was 3 times hotter than Tabasco Sauce. I haven’t missed Sunday School since.
Alan M. Age 6

Dear God,
I know you are perfect and all, but what’s up with naps and spinach?
Susie Y. Age 7

Dear God,
We had a popularity contest at our skule today and you won! You beat Santa Claus by 2 votes and hammered the tooth fairy by 24.
Billy S. Age 8

There’s not a mom out there who doesn’t hear “the darndest” things. Thanks for sharing your new book idea with us. And thanks for:

Bobby, all I could think of during this interview is the scripture that tells us we are the salt of the earth. Better to flavor like salt than sting like pepper. Thanks for reminding us and best of luck and blessings with this book.


  1. A good book. As his agent I got to read it before it published. I encourage everyone with the nerve to take a fresh look at their Christian walk to browse these pages and see if any of it strikes home. I know some of it hit dangerously close to home on me.

  2. Linda and Bobby -- Great interview! I really enjoyed getting to know more about Bobby and his book. Like the other 350, I love (and relate to) the title. Can't wait to read it. Congratulations again to Bobby!

  3. This is sadly very true. Sounds like an interesting book! Thanks for the interview.

  4. Love that title, it instantly drew me in. :O)

  5. Every Christian needs to read this book. I travel a lot and often find myself in groups who have been hurt by Christians from waitresses and waiters getting a "tract" instead of a tip, to those who are living lifestyles that Christians condemn and instead of loving them with the love of Christ, pray down fire.

    I'm glad Bobby was brave enough to write this book!

  6. Sounds like and interesting read. Great interview, by the way. Loved getting some personal tidbits.

    Good luck with the book. =)

  7. Great interview, Linda and Bobby. I'm off to Amazon now.

  8. So true. The Westburo Baptist Church case that is in front of the U.S. Supreme Court right now is a good example of a negative witness. (These are the people who picket soldiers' funerals.) Some of the things people do in the name of Christ make me shudder. And yes, I realize that I'm guilty, too.

  9. My daughter and son-in-law got a dose of this firsthand when some of the Westboro followers were in Virginia Beach to protest a play on the waterfront about a person accused of being a witch when she was anything but. And they insisted it was about promoting witchcraft. When my daughter finally pulled the one young man aside and said, if you want to protest, do it in a meaningful way, no one will listen to you screaming in their faces. Then, once he was calmed down, she explained the play to him. He didn't even get the concept, he was too busy judging, but she was able to "try" and get him to understand that Jesus never witnessed the way he was trying to do. (even though he was dead wrong on the issue)People have to remember to dislike the act, not the person, and screaming in their faces won't EVER win them over. Ask a PMS mom, we know what DOESN'T work!!! Super example, Kathryn!

  10. Thanks for this interview, Linda! What an amazing concept for a book, and it is oh so true. I cringe every time I see or hear about someone doing something so mean, hurtful, or negative in the name of Christ.

    Looking forward to that someday when we'll all be like Him and with Him in Heaven's perfection!

  11. Great title! Looks like an interesting book.

  12. Great interview and great concept. Once when we pulled into a gas station after church, someone cut us off on the way to the pump. DH automatically bristled. I reminded him the other person could tell we had just come from church so how he handled the situation was very important.

    This is something we need to always keep in mind. Thanks for the reminder

  13. Isn't that the truth? How we might impact others' lives and not even realize it. Ouch! That always hits home for me, especially behind the wheel of the car.

  14. Great interview and I happen to LOVE the title of your book, Bobby! I'm glad they kept it. Your next book sounds precious. Keep up the awesome work. God is so wonderful in how He inspires all of us in different ways.

    Linda this is the first time I've visited your blog and it's great.