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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hmmm. Maybe that should be in the blink of an eye.
Or maybe the block is writers’ block?
Christmas is close with kids and other family members all
geeked about the holidays, presents to be purchased and wrapped,
special services at church, dinners to be cooked, fudge to make,
pies and cakes, sugar cookies.
Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
It is so easy at this time of year to get caught up in the Christmas
trappings that we, as writers, find excuses to
forget about writing, or worse yet,
we try, but the words won’t come.
Her long, slender fingers ruffling the blond curls on his forehead
become reindeer antlers and peppermint sticks in our minds.
Panic sets in and soon the whole mood to write is gone.
There comes a time when the
staunchest writer has to take a break.
How about now?
Dig out the fruitcake or sugar cookies, a cup of tea or cocoa, and a
movie—find out whether or not Chevy Chase CAN INDEED
create the perfect Christmas or if Ralphie gets his Red Ryder gun.
Put you pen and paper or computer away, and
simply enjoy the holiday.
Give that writer’s mind a rest.
Unless, of course, there’s an editor breathing
down your neck asking
for the next great American novel from you. (then you’re gonna have to work)
But if you are able, enjoy this season, set work aside for a
couple weeks, and put your thoughts on what
is really important this time of year.

The Baby in the Manger
Because in the BLINK OF AN EYE,
the season will be gone.


  1. Some good advice. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas vacation with the family!
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  2. Beautifully put and message received! :O)

  3. Great post Linda. A rest with Jesus this season would be a welcomed writer's block. Ahh..the peppermint.

  4. And sugar cookies with lots of frosting.