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Monday, May 16, 2011


Making your presence known! (in a good way)
Your book is out, you’re anxiously awaiting the release date, you’ve got your running shoes on, and you’re ready for a marketing marathon. Any number of sites, pr folks, etc. will tell you what you have to do to make the hype leading up to you book the best it can be.

But no one’s asking the reader!

What does the reader want to know about your book?
Just what information leads a reader to peruse the back cover or the e-back cover of your book? What catches their attention—forces them to care enough to smack down the greenbacks, or the credit/debit card as it were?

Are reviews the best way to garner attention?
Word of mouth?

Readers, answer the age-old question…does Santa sleep with his whiskers out of the covers or under them?

Sorry, wrong blog…

Seriously, what makes you as a reader want, no, need to pick up a book? Share your thoughts here, or email me with any thoughts that might help writers learn what makes the reader’s mind tick. If it’s as scary as what makes a writer’s mind tick, we might have a peculiar match made in heaven.

Let’s hear from you!


  1. Well, as a writer AND a reader, little will interest me more than a recommendation from a trusted friend - or an author I've read and enjoyed in the past. Occasionally the subject will get me interested, but not enough to spend money much of the time--unless it's a subject I need to read about for whatever reason. But, as you know, I'm scary ;)

  2. Linda, I agree with Joanne. Recommendations and/or favorite authors often lead me to my reading choices. If I know a book is the first in a series and I enjoy it, I'll naturally look (and anticipate) subsequent books. If it's a 2nd or 3rd (or more) in a series, I'll seek out earlier books, too. Often I'll read the first page or so to get a feel for the style... and of course, back cover copy is vitally important. Since I've listed just about everything but the name of author's mailman's dog's vet, this may not be much help. :-) Oh, and I love humor.

  3. Blurbs interest me. If the premise is interesting or it's a plot I know I'll like (certain tropes) then I check out the first page. If the first page interests me, I'll buy or check out the book.
    I'm a reader first, always. :-)

  4. I can tell you love humor, Deb! You're so doggone funny. Thanks for the tips, guys. You just confirmed what most people have said. I queried my facebook group too, and found the back blurbs more important that I originally thought.