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Thursday, August 18, 2011

In Your Deepest Heart of Hearts

In your very deepest heart of hearts where you only allow a select few friends and family, what do you truly want? As a writer…

As an inspy writer, just what is it you want?

Is it your intention to bring Christ to those who don’t know Him?

As a writer in any genre…

Do you want to be a bestseller?

Is it your goal to make boatloads of money? (my youngest would say craploads, but I’m feeling particularly ladylike today—almost!)

Would you like to reach into someone’s life and bring entertainment?

These are all logical questions. At any other job in life, we have goals, we have reasons for knocking on a door saying “Let me in. I’ll be your best employee.”

Are you being your own best employee?

Have you outlined your goals? Organized your time? Do you treat this writing career as a career or as a hobby?

Only you can answer, but your responses may make the difference between being pubbed and not being pubbed.

Editors and agents will want to be able to envision your goals as clearly as you should. They want to know you’re in it for the right reasons and for the long haul.

What is in your deepest heart of hearts for this career called writing?


  1. I have specific writing goals and I use spreadsheets for tracking those goals. My initial approach to writing, writing when the mood struck wasn't productive. I've found that I must have writing hours, and daily writing goals.
    Then I printed out this prayer and keep it on my desk as a daily reminder. "Lord, prosper my writing according to Your will."

    Thanks for this article, there are areas I need to work on.

  2. I think in my innermost heart, I want children/young people/adults to see Christ in my writing. If I can bring just one person closer to the Lord from something I wrote, then it was worth writing - even if I never know about it - even if I never get paid. (Of course, it would be nice, but that's not what really matters.)

  3. Am I my best employee...hmmm. Those are some great points to ponder, Linda.

    Great post!
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  4. I'm def. in it for the career aspect, or I wouldn't go through the challenges in getting traditionally pubbed. However, I still would love my stories to be great entertainment with values that stick with a reader. I want it ALL, Linda! *grin*

  5. I simply can't not write. But I need to be more productive/organized and finish something of significance.
    For me personally, I want to:
    *be "read"
    *encourage others in "life".
    *grow and improve as a person and a writer.
    *and is nice, too. :)

  6. I have a drive and a passion that I can't explain: All I know is that I must write.

    But I do know He has a purpose and a plan.

    So I just try to be obedient and move when he says move, remembering that it might not always make sense to me.

  7. My goal is to write something honoring to God--not necessarily books that teach the gospel message or lead someone to Christ, but books that are wholesome and enjoyable and teach a little bit about faith.

    Being published will be an amazing accomplishment, but I've always felt that if it's not God's plan, then I'm good. His plan is best!

  8. I like that your stories entertain without preaching, Cheryl. I know once they get in the right hands they're gonna do well.

  9. I've called it my career for so long,knowing it takes work and perseverance. But I love it so much that I will write no matter what happens.