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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Inspirational Award, more importantly, let's giveaway something!

I've been awarded the Inspirational Blog Award by Lisa Lickel Lisa writes all kinds of fiction. Right now you can catch her book, Meow Mayhem, A Fancy Cat Mystery. You all know how I feel about mysteries, so be sure to take a peek at it.
HEY, WHY NOT GIVEAWAY A COPY HERE? Be sure to stop by her blog for a cozy chat.

I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about myself you might not know!
1 I studied and practiced karate off and on for 30 years
2 I fell in love in third grade (never really recovered)
3 I served in the Air Force (when it wasn't particularly popular to do so)
4 I always wished I had an even dozen kids
5 I used to sew mountains of costumes and clothes
6 Survived a couple really tough times in my life
7 Here's a shocker, no one will ever have guessed! I LOVE BOOKS!!!

Hey, leave a comment, and check back tomorrow, if you left your email,
you'll have a chance to win a kindle copy of Lisa's book!

Also, check out the wonderful blogs below who I'd like to nominate for this award!
Very deserving characters, and I mean, characters!

Jessica Nelson
Cheryl Linn Martin
Camille Eide


  1. Well, wowsers, you're quick on the mark, Linda. Not sure if I knew the sewing thing about you. Thanks for playing.

  2. Fun times, Linda!! Thanks for the nomination. I never thought I'd enjoy blogging, but I really, really do. And, Lisa, you know I love mysteries! Will be in contact when I have a date to host you on my blog! Aloha! --Cheryl