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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Let's Have Another Giveaway!

Always, Abby
To be released May 1st, 2013 from Heartsong Presents
In honor of Abby's release, let's give away a copy of the book
and an ebook reader cover!
Stop by and tell me:
1-what do you know about Dachau
2-leave me your email addy even if you think I know it
3-tell me why you deserve to win the book and cover
See...easy peasy!
I'll draw a name Saturday night!

EXCERPT: Her arms continued to tingle as Abby chewed her lower lip, planning how to get out of dinner tonight.The news sounded wonderful, but would everyone be as thrilled as Will? Mostly, she dreaded the idea of sitting through a family dinner with Jeannine there. Seeing the other woman next to Will caused her heart to plummet into her stomach. How would she ever survive an entire meal with Jeannine dangling on his every word? Willie, honey look at me, and Willie, aren't I just wonderful? Willie, honey, do you really need to keep that little street urchin and his dirty ways? What had possessed him to ask Jeannine out in the first place? They were nothing alike. Abby didn't believe Will was shallow enough to fall for a pretty face only; so why the attraction?Loneliness? How could he be lonely in this family?
                Arms overflowing with laundry, Abby stopped and peeked out the window. Will had Hank on his shoulders, the boy's skinny legs dangling while he clutched at the "horsey's" neck. If a woman could pick an amazing sight that would fill her heart and make her long for the arms of the man she loved all at the same time, it would be this. Any man who could love a child the way Will loved Hank, deserved a full life. Those two spent so much time together, she sometimes felt one started where the other finished.


  1. Dachau was the first of the Nazi concentration/death camps in Germany
    used even before and during WWII.


    Well, as far as deserving the book and ebook reader cover . . . I am
    the first one to leave a comment . . . and I am interested in WWII history . . . and the plight of the Jewish people during that time. Not that I really feel I deserve your prizes, but I would feel blessed to win them since Always Abby sounds like a wonderful story.

  2. There is absolutely nothing I don't like about this wonderful book. And the dedication? Was a total, precious surprise. You all have to try and win this one!

  3. Having read other books by Linda, I know this one will be a winner.

  4. I don't know much about Dachau and would love to learn more. My grandfather fought in WWII and has pictures during that time. To learn more about what he went through would mean so much. He isn't here anymore for me to ask him.

    clSwalwell (at) gmail (dot) com

    I have never had the privilege to read any of your books yet but would sure love a chance. It looks great. And, I don't know if I deserve to win either but would be very grateful if I did. Thank you for this opportunity and congratulations!

    In Him,

    Cheri Swalwell :)

  5. Dachau was one of the concentration camps during WWII - not a pretty place. Hard for me to read about because of my background - though I know of no family who were there (probably because I haven't done the research, however).

    My email is joanne (at) joannesher (dot) com - and I should win the book and cover because I'm one of your favorite cheerleaders (rah, rah, sis boom bah!!) AND because my computer died, and something nice might make me smile (LOL I almost wrote slime!).

    How's that?? :)

  6. That's true, you are the first one!

  7. Thanks, I owe all you critters. Without you ladies, it would have been pure cheese! Thanks for all your hard work, Karla!!!!

  8. Awww, when did that happen? I'd be lost. So sorry, hope all is fixed soon!

  9. Linda,

    I knew the name Dachau, but to be perfectly honest, I learned anything I know about it now from reading the above comments! My dad served in Germany during World War II; I'll have to ask him what he knows about it. As far as why I deserve to win it, well, I don't really deserve it. I just WANT it. I love your work--always have, always will. So tickled you're finally getting recognized for the superb writer and storyteller you are :-)

    My email address is:


  10. Thanks, Deb. That means a lot. You just wait, when Missteps comes out, the rest of the world will see what a truly awesome author YOU are. Can't wait.

  11. Sadly,don't know much about Dachau...will have to read up, 'cause now I feel guilty about not knowing. Deserve to win, why? Well deserve is a strong word, but would like to win because you've known me since I was a little girl in a big coat saying "tate off my toat"...see I made you remember and smile. :) email address is

  12. Absolutely was smiling before you wrote that part. Oh yes. As for Dachau, just part of the The Third Reich's reign of terror on the Jews. Such a sad time in humanity.

  13. 1-what do you know about Dachau
    Not a thing, Linda!
    2-leave me your email addy even if you think I know it
    3-tell me why you deserve to win the book and cover
    I'm no more deserving than anyone, but I sure do love a good book. Plus, I'll write a lovely review and pass it around the virtual world. Congratulations on the release!

  14. Dachau is just north of Munich in Bavaria--I visited it over a decade ago. Heartbreaking.

    Does anyone deserve anything? You've got me depressed thinking about Dachau.

  15. Well, Lesley, you sure are honest! I had to laugh. You won't learn a GREAT deal from the book, but some. I like to have a little historic "meat" in my books.

  16. But good for us to see lest we forget!

  17. Kathleen's our winner! Congrats, hope you enjoy!!!!

  18. Thank you so much, Linda! I am positive I will enjoy Always Abby. Congrats
    on the upcoming release of your book, its beautiful cover and your book launch!