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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Five Reasons to Be a Writer!

One: You’re a glutton for punishment
Two: You’re a glutton for punishment
Three: You’re a glutton for punishment
Four: You’re a glutton for punishment
Five: You’re a glutton for punishment

Seriously, the real reasons most folks write are because:
One: They think they have a great idea so why not write a book
Two: They want fame
Three: They want fortune
Four: They want to impress
Five: They feel led by someone or something to create

But being a glutton for punishment helps. There has never been a more difficult time to break into the literary industry than today because of limited opportunities. AND, there has never been a more remarkable time to break into the literary industry than today because of unlimited opportunities. HUH?
Okay, so you think I’ve been nipping at the cooking sherry. NO, I have not. Then what kind of message am I sending?
Yes, it is tougher for a new author to break into traditional publishing today unless they have a platform stronger than George Clooney, but it can be done. The trick? Amazing, well edited, finely tuned writing. And an author willing to work on the social media aspect of publishing. The slots are fewer right now for debut authors, but they are still there. You simply have to do a lion’s portion of the work when it comes to marketing. And if you’re also willing to work harder than others, you can find a way through smaller/indie publishers or self-publishing to get your word out. In this vein there are unlimited possibilities. Still, you have to be willing to sell yourself through social media. That is not going to go away. It is here, and it is staying. The days when a publishers threw thousands of dollars at a debut author are Gone With the Wind!
So who are you, really? Do you truly feel a call to write not just a whim? Or are you a glutton for punishment. Have you thought it through thoroughly and taken a realistic approach to becoming an author?
Whatever your reason to write, be prepared to WORK. It isn’t all about sitting down and writing a novel anymore.


  1. Amen, Linda. Being a tad crazy also helps because you won't notice your gradual decline into insanity during the whole time-consuming, gut-wrenching, soul-searching, and brain-draining process. :-)

  2. Love your inspiration, enthusiasm, and spot-on-truth, oh fearless one :)

  3. Part calling, part gluttony...

    Thanks for the encouragement. I always appreciate your perspective!

  4. I guess it just comes with the territory, Jen. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. There is something disturbingly masochistic about being a writer, but like all true masochists, the addiction is too strong to walk away from ;)