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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine Giveaway!


In the comments, just tell us one romantic moment in your life. Leave your email addy so I can contact you, and tomorrow night (Sunday 15th)I’ll pick 3 of the best romantic comments to send a little Valentine’s romance your way.

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  1. Romance is NOT in my husband's blood. He's a down to earth, gritty man. That being said, one morning after a particularly rough 10 hour shift at the pharmacy (you know, those wonderful first of the month weeks you wish you could hire the whole town for a day just so they could see what you go through?), I awoke to breakfast in bed. He delivered it to me with a single red rose and a kiss on the cheek. It was all I could do not cry through the whole meal.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day, Linda!! Love is, my hubby and me staying home tonight to eat pizza with my son and watch the 3 point shooting competition (for the All-Star NBA break.) We talked about going out, but my son told us to go alone since it was Valentine's Day. So, we changed plans because it just wouldn't be enjoyable knowing my son didn't have to work tonight and would be alone at home. So, pizza and 3-point shooting it is!!! BTW, I do love the Portland Trailblazers and our Wesley Matthews is in the competition, so I'm totally looking forward to it! Aloha! --Cheryl

  3. Hi Linda, to me romance is the little things that happen each day. My hubby makes a pot of coffee each morning before he leaves for work, so I'll have a hot cup when I get up. He also opens the doors for me.
    The one thing that stands out is when we were getting married (20 yrs ago) I planned to move into his house. The closet in the bedroom was small. I mentioned I was going to have to buy a wardrobe. He said nothing, but the next evening when I stopped by the house he was framing a walk-in space out from the bedroom next to ours.
    Mary L. Ball

  4. In winter, 1977, my fiancé (now husband) was in seminary in Boston, white I finished my M.A. in Iowa. A huge blizzard struck Massachusetts, and he was out w/the National Guard rescuing people, so I thought, "There'll be no roses, and I was so hoping for some." (I'd never had a boyfriend or any romance on Valentine's Day.)

    But somehow, he remembered and voila, a dozen gorgeous roses awaited me when I got home from my tutoring job on the 14th.

    They spoke of his thoughtfulness, and also reminded me of God knowing our hearts desires and valuing them.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share, Linda…gkittleson at

  5. Mildred and I didn't know our quarters at Ft. Rucker, AL, were at the lowest elevation on the post until the main sewer stopped up and sewage backed up through our plumbing. After yelling for the Post Engineers, we put the three children on the couch and busied ourselves sweeping sewage our the back door. We were laughing with each other across the sewage. Romantic? Depends on your definition. But it cemented us together like few other events in our seven-year marriage to that time. We laughed at it for years afterward.

  6. That is a great guy! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Donn, I can totally see this as a romantic moment in your mind. You and Mildred certainly were lucky to have each other!

  8. Romance in definitely in the little things like opening doors, and telling me continually how much he loves me. And then there are those moments that stand out a little bit more like when my hubby took the kids (a toddler and preschooler) to get groceries one random Saturday so I could have some extra time to write, and then returned with a dozen red roses (and the groceries). He also dances with me quite often around the kitchen. Even when there is no music playing. No wonder it's so easy to write romance ;)

  9. getting a home-cooked meal

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  10. Hello... It's strange to see this as love...but I believe it is one of the most loving things my husband ever did for me. I owned a small children's resale store about a mile away from our home. To get my mail for the shop I had to pull up to a set of mailboxes and they never actually made a real parking area....It was always over grown by weeds and I hated to get out of the car, afraid of getting bitten by a snake. One day, i noticed all the weeds were dying away and I could see the ground. When I mentioned it to my husband he explained that a week earlier he had gotten into his golf cart, taken a bottle of weed killer over and sprayed the whole area.....Since that time 6 years ago...he kills the weeds there about once a month....

  11. just in case: akaymclarenf2 (at)

  12. At a sibling dinner, my husband asked his siblings if they knew who he could buy the moon from because he wanted to give it to me. I have no idea where that came from. But you can't get much more romantic than that :)

  13. Hello Linda. Once upon a time I was taken on a date to a very fancy place with a life sized Elephant in the front of this fancy restaurant. Was called African Safari.
    He had told me I was going to see a pink elephant and i didn't believe him. Well it was true, just not a real one. Had low lights inside with All of the animals you would see on a Safari painted life sized all the way around the inside. Walls were octogen shaped. Only young men as waiters, and they brought these carts out to your tables to cook your steaks. Candles on the tables. I was not used to places like this so was very romantic. Have a Happy Valentines day and GOD bless you. Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

  14. Now that's just too sweet. A man with two toddlers, awesome!

  15. THAT is romantic! I gotta tell ya.

  16. Years ago, when my hubs learned how it made me sad after the holidays to take down all the lights, he decorated our room with white Christmas lights. It was so sweet.