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Saturday, December 2, 2017

It Never Gets Old! by Linda S. Glaz

It's true. It never gets old! Especially if you've waited almost 25 years since first penning a work.

Imagine your five-year old at a birthday sleepover. Imagine all the girls disappear.

As five-year old girls disappear from birthday parties year after year across the U.S., the sister of victim number one is thrown into the kidnappers’ path when she moves to the remote Upper Peninsula of Michigan ten years after her sister is kidnapped. There, she finds it’s not only candles that light up the trusting, rural community.

When ten-year-old Brandy Barrett and her mother, Rachel, hurry to the large colonial where Brandy’s five-year-old sister, Victoria, spent the night, Brandy prays Torey is ready. The girls have been promised a movie by their mother if there’s time after shopping.
Brandy stares. The house looks empty. No birthday balloons, no cake. And no little sister waiting with stories about the birthday sleepover.
Was it her fault because she rushed her mother to leave the night before?
She and her father, Joe, both harbor guilt that they hadn’t been there to foresee what could happen with a five-year old staying alone all night.
Brandy’s mother can’t deal with her role in allowing Victoria to go to the sleepover, and she eventually commits suicide, adding even more guilt to Joe and Brandy.
Ten years later, after Brandy graduates from Oakland University, she takes a teaching position in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. After meeting the single, female superintendent, she convinces her father to retire from the military and follow along. She has plans to play matchmaker.
Three other families move to Iron Cove. Neither Joe nor Brandy can imagine what awaits them when one of those families has plans to kidnap once again.

Dropping my own daughter off at a birthday sleepover almost 25 years ago started this trip, this book, this journey. I worried all of the what ifs, and made them happen on paper. While my own daughter was fine the next morning, Torey, in the story, was not!

“The premise of this book is chilling, while the writing will keep you turning pages.”
Richard L. Mabry, MD
Award-winning, best-selling author of Medical Mysteries with Heart

Blow out the Candles and Say Goodbye by Linda Glaz is more than a heart-rending, page-turning read (though it is certainly that). It is also a call to accountability and action for parents, grandparents, teachers, and anyone who cares for children. This heartbreaking, fictional account of the kidnapping of innocents is, sadly, based on fact. There truly are children out there whose lives have been stolen from them, and families whose loved ones have been spirited away, many never to be seen or heard from again. It is impossible to read this well-written story without being challenged to pray for these precious children and their devastated families, and to do whatever possible to help these little ones get back home—before it is too late. I can’t recommend this excellent read highly enough!
Kathi Macias (, author of more than 50 books, including To the Moon and Back.

Once again Glaz pens a chilling story, every parents' nightmare. She delves into the minds of villains with sickening precision. This book will make you keep the lights on!
Jessica Nelson, editor and multi-published author of A Hasty Betrothal

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