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Sunday, June 20, 2010

What on Earth was God Thinking?

And therein lies the answer...
He isn't on earth. Or of the earth. But we are. And so we have questions: why was my son born without arms, why did Grandpa forget who I am, why did my son die in Iraq? So many questions without answers.
Talking to one of my critters today...
Discussing how we question what God is thinking in certain circumstances. Oh? You never did that? Welllllll....I have. And so have most of us, even if we think "we've arrived" spiritually. The questions are part of who we are. They make us examine our faith from time to time. Make us step out and do things we shouldn't and/or do things we should, even when most people won't.
How about your characters?
Do you allow your characters to have frailties?
If you don't, you're missing out on a wonderful opportunity to create a fully dimensional character. Without doubts, without spiritual questions, how will the reader know where your character stands, or what to expect from her/him in certain situations.
Will a prostitute usually be in church on Sunday?
If you have a character questioning the life she's leading, you just might find her there soaking up the love and forgiveness like a sponge-sorry about the cliche but it really fit here.
Opportunities as abundant as rain in a thunderstorm...
Give your characters a gift. Give them the freedom to question, have doubts, have spiritual strenghts and on occasion, experience an epiphany-aha moment.
Your story will love you for it...


  1. And thanks for the discussion, just couldn't get it out of my head once I realized how our characters doubt too!

  2. Enjoyed this post and my characters have many spiritual dilemnas and trials.

  3. Great post Linda! One movie I love is Far and Away with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Remember when the dancer is outside his apartment, waiting so they can go to church together? She's not a main character or anything, but her going always made her more real to me. It was such an ironic thing.

  4. Very good post! I know I need to do more of this with my characters:)

  5. Nice. I'll have to give it a thought, great suggestions.

  6. I like the thought a lot. My characters have personal struggles but probably seem much more simplistic to a suspense writer.:)
    Thanks for checking out my blog and inviting me to yours. I'm following to see what other things you'll be stirring up.
    God's blessings, new friend.