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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Indie or Self-pubbed???

Sew, you’ve deceided too go indie or selfed-pubbed? Good luck, be smert, and dew it write…

How are you going to prepare your work? Grammar and spell check alone? A new and quickly expanding move in the writing industry is to self-pub or print independently. Is this a course you might be considering?

It has obviously been a huge success for the likes of vampire writer, Amanda Hocking. Check out her story: Now, we know in this current frenzy, vampires and zombies are selling like hotcakes-eeouwww! But reality tells us this is a hot topic, whether it’s for some of us or not. So that certainly helps her sales, but there has to be another element, and from what I’ve read, it is this:

the girl is marketing savvy!
And a lot of mistakes are overlooked by the reader when you offer the right topic to the right group at the right time!

What prepares a self-pubber’s work? Relying on the computer to write it for you won’t get you very far as we’ve seen in some other self-pubbed work. Then who does one go to for help?

Mom, Grandma, Best Friend,
Cousin, hair stylist, next-door neighbor, on and on.

Any family member or friend is not going to give you a bad review. They'll be impressed that you can string two intelligent words together.

If you are considering a move to self-publishing and considering it seriously, get into a sound crit group, one that doesn’t exist for the sake of telling you how wonderful you are. You can blow smoke up your own backside by standing in front of a mirror, clicking your ruby slippers and saying, “there’s no writer like me, there’s no writer like me.”

If you have tough crit partners, you should see comments and suggestions even after you send them the final copy. Only have crit partners who will treat you as though you were a paying project and they were editors. If your grammar and punctuation are difficult at best, get an editor. Someone who, for a reasonable price, can help you “put your affairs in order”, because that’s what you’ll be doing for your career IF YOU DON’T GET HELP!

So, you’ve decided to go indie or self-pubbed? Good luck, be smart, and do it right!

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  1. Hey, how'd you know what I do in front of my mirror??? *grin*
    Seriously, that was such an awesome line. LOL!

    Good info about Hocking. I read one rather bitter post about how the pubs missed out big time on her, but I'm not convinced they ever even saw her work. Not only that, but like you said, right time, right place and she worked super hard to make her product accessible. She's a smart woman. :-)