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Thursday, August 4, 2011

What Moves You to Write?

When writing inspirational fiction, where does your passion come from?

Paul said that his heart broke for his people, so much so that he could be cut off from Christ-cursed-so that his people would come to know Jesus Christ.
Romans 9:2-3

Does our writing reflect that kind of passion? Do our hearts break for the one reading our stories in the hope that one of our words will reach out and touch a life? Paul, after having it all, after knowing the best life had to offer, followed Christ. Gave all he had to further the lives of others in the kingdom of Christ.

What is the goal of your inspirational writing? To makes loads of money or to touch just one life?


  1. To inspire. To make the reader smile, cry, ponder, and pray.

  2. To use humor to open hearts so that the spiritual truth of the story can shoot straight through. No preaching, just storytelling, using humor to pave the way.

  3. To change a life so that it's different after reading what I write from what it was before.

  4. Love this, Linda. I'd love for just one teen to read my work and be moved (or shoved) towards a closer relationship with the Lord.

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  6. Great question! It's ironic that I came across this post tonight since I just posted the answer to that same question on my blog a few hours ago. It is definitely one that I am asking myself all the time. Thank you!