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Friday, September 2, 2011


God bless America

Tin, aluminum, or diamond?

It would be nice if that were the only question for a tenth anniversary, but this anniversary is deserving of more thought than what to buy.

Next weekend will be the anniversary of 911. We aren’t worthy of buying anything to commemorate such a day, let alone think of it frivolously. This was a day that unified a country in one morning in such a way as nothing had in over fifty years. Churches, cathedrals and synagogues were suddenly filled to overflowing. Our connection with Israel and our roots of faith, that much stronger. Our connection to each other stronger still.

So what happened?

We, Americans, have it so good that apathy sets in so “sneakily”, if you’ll pardon that word, but it’s exactly what happens. Our hearts turn to other things, and we forget. The church rolls, once again, dropped off as we grew accustomed to taking our shoes off at the airport and leaving large bottles of shampoo behind.

Well, I’m asking each one of you who reads this to pray on the 11th. Pray that God will again turn our hearts to Him, to our faith, to those around us who need help in any way. To remind ourselves that we are a family of God. America was founded on those principles and we should NEVER allow them to be snatched from us again: not with fear, not with hatred, and not with apathy.

God bless America and God bless each of you.


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  2. Yes, God Bless America.
    What happened to the flags flown from the yards?
    What happened to the people praying in the pews?
    What happened to the hearts beating as one?