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Saturday, December 3, 2011


“Humbug! There’s no such thing as a Christmas bargain! And a freebie?(whatever that is)Bahhh!”

“Oh, really, Mr. Scrooge. Well, I beg to differ. Camille Eide and I have put our heads together with White Rose Publishing and our books are available for one dollar apiece!”

“That’s not possible. Why, it takes more money than that to hire someone to set the type.”

“We’re in a new age, Mr. Scrooge. Polar Bear Plunge and Savanna’s Gift are both ebooks. And that helps keep the price down. I’m surprised you didn’t know about ebooks already. AND to make this Christmas excitement even better, I’m offering a copy of one book or the other to two lucky readers. Maybe someone who works for you. Someone who doesn’t even make a day’s wages after a full day’s work. Hmmm?”

“Bah, humbug!!!”

No need to worry, no Scrooges allowed around this blog. Just leave a comment and I’ll draw a name to win a copy of Polar Bear Plunge or Savanna’s Gift. You have today and tomorrow to leave a comment. Then, on Monday, I’ll announce the winners. Don’t be a humbug, leave a comment and your email addy and here’s hoping you win!

A very Merry Christmas to you, Mr. Scrooge!


  1. I'd love to cozy up to either of these titles but I wouldn't want to act too greedy. :) Such a nice Christmas giveaway!

  2. Oh, I'm sure you'd love either one (but then, I'm rather partial to them)

  3. Who could pass up a deal like this? I'd love to have a copy of your book, Linda...and another one, too? Wow!


  4. yeah, I've read Camille's and am reading a couple others from the Holiday Extravaganza at White Rose. There are some cute offerings in this dollar deal. But I can def speak for Camille's, it's adorable.

  5. Ever since we heard about this, we've wanted to read it. If we get a free copy, woo-hoo! If not, $1 is a great deal, too. Wishing you huuuuuuge success! Sadie & Sophie

  6. Linda....

    You've got a real winner in Polar Bear Plunge and I'm sure Camille's book is wonderful, too. I'd love to be a lucky winner :-)

  7. You're a winner already with that wonderful series, Laramie on the Lam. Sure hope lots of folks get that for their kiddles for Christmas.

  8. Christmas stories bring such joy to readers, helping to enhance the spirit of the season. I'd love to read either of these books!

  9. Forgot to leave my email address:
    bigwaterpub at gmail dot com

  10. Linda, thank you for teaching Ebenezer a lesson. Blessings to you!