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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ahem...nobody bothered to ask me!

Okay, Aleni Callan, tell us why you wanted your story, Polar Bear Plunge, told:
Well, it's important to move on in life. I had a habit of holding on to the past. My mother-in-law, Megan did her best to make me see that wasn't healthy, but it's hard to let go of your one and only true love.
How did you start your journey to move on?
(Aleni can't stop laughing) My goodness. You want to know EVERY little detail, don't you? Well, this arrogant man landed in the emergency room.
Arrogant, you mean Brice Taylor the war hero? Arrogant? I didn't get that impression after reading his book, The Human Shield.
Okay, I THOUGHT he was arrogant. He was just a poor schmuck who hit his head participating in the Polar Bear Plunge for charity. I guess it bothered me that he was taking chances with his life. My Eli took chances, but for a cause. He believed in what he was doing in the middle east, trying to help. Trying to make a difference. And then he was killed, leaving me with a small boy and a lot of questions without answers.
Sorry to hear that. Did Brice turn out to be a jerk?
He, well he turned out to I can't tell you how this all turned out, can I? That would spoil the whole story.
Any special reason you wanted to tell it in the first place?
Yes, a friend of mine, another nurse, Brandy Hayes, thought it was a story worth telling. She kept pestering her mom, the author, to put it in black and white. Now, I'm glad it's been told. Thanks, Linda. Thanks, Brandy. I hope you all enjoy finding out just what kind of man Brice Taylor really is.

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  1. I WILL start reading this (now that NaNoWriMo is done!). TOTALLY intrigued.