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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Okay, and here’s the Wednesday deal!!!
is to be released at White Rose on Dec. 5th, but Amazon has it up and selling right now for .99! YES! RIGHT NOW!
Why not take advantage and get those stocking stuffers for less than one dollar!
I’M SO EXCITED! CAN YOU TELL? If you want a real feel good read to cheer you this Christmas, go for the “plunge”.

Striving to put meaning back into her life after her husband’s death, Aleni Callan immerses herself in hospital work. Angry with God, she finds herself even angrier, when hero, Brice Taylor, author of The Human Shield, arrives in the Emergency Room with a concussion and hypothermia after participating in the Polar Bear Plunge. Aleni wants nothing to do with a man who willingly takes chances with his life.

Brice doesn’t understood how God could bring him through being a captive in Iraq, when he failed his troops so miserably. Writing about his escape brings fame he would rather avoid. And by meeting widow, Aleni Callan, his feelings of failure only increase.

Megan Callan with the help of her three-year-old grandson, Ty, scheme to bring Aleni and Brice together. And while the best laid plans often go awry, Megan isn’t one to accept no.

Just grab a cup of coffee sweetened with cream and sugar and a hand full of chocolate chip cookies, the ooey, gooey kind, and sit in front of the fireplace. As the logs break apart and crackle, you’ll be in the best mood to read Polar Bear Plunge. Just remember to have a box of tissues handy, you’ll need ‘em.

And if that .99 deal isn’t enough, check out Camille Eide’s novella, Savanna’s Gift, another in the White Rose Holiday Extravaganza.

Make it a reading day just for yourself after you’ve wrapped the last present!
GO FOR CYBER “PLUNGE” WEDNESDAY and grab these book bargains!

Enjoy this read from me to you. I hope you love reading it as much as I loved writing it!


  1. On my way to Amazon, right now! Just got a kindle and this will be my first book! Hugs!

  2. I'm so excited to be your first read on it. That really makes my day. Thank you for taking the "plunge"!

  3. You're a peach, Patty, happy reading...

  4. SA-WEEEEEET!!!!!!!!! Linda, I'm so excited for you. Ooooh-yeah!!! Can't wait to read the whole story. The first chp was enough to hook me. ;)
    Big hugs and best wishes on a spectacular Christmas success! Congratulations,

  5. Ditto Emily's comments!!!! This is so amazing. Now I just need to click on it and download Polar Bear Plunge onto my Mac Kindle. Now I'm doing a little Christmas jig in celebration!

  6. Yeah, glad you ladies stopped by. What fun!