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Friday, December 27, 2013

Best Character Development-EVER!

     When we're doing our best to evolve a character from bad to good...or...better yet, regress him or her from good to bad, it can be daunting.
     This morning, I caught a glimpse of a movie I'd seen years ago, and I have to tell you it is the best example of the development of a character that I've EVER seen. And instead of from bad boy to good, it is from good guy to downright rotten egg!
     Not Without My Daughter, starring Sally Field, shows the breakdown of a relationship and not for one reason, but for many. An American woman who married an Iranian doctor is the US agrees to travel to Iran with her husband, in spite of many misgivings. Before they leave, we catch glimpses of how he's often mistreated in the job force, but the wife never fully understands what he's been going through. However, once in Iran, the "good 'ol boy" bonding plus the pressure from his family to stay in Iran overshadows any feelings he might have for his wife. He soon falls back into the attitude of "master of the house" where his wife is concerned. And he makes it clear eventually through domestic violence that she WILL do whatever he wants her to.
     WHEW! For someone we empathize with early on, he surely changes before our eyes.
     WHY AM I TELLING YOU ALL OF THIS? Because his evolution or regression might be more apt, takes place brilliantly before our eyes.
     And how do we know this change is done realistically? Because this story actually happened.
     If you want a wonderful look at character personality change...see Not Without My Daughter. Seeing the subtle changes that take place until a caring, loving man does a complete one-eighty into a tyrant, this is the movie to see. Soak it up. This is the real deal for seeing a character turnaround quite literally before your eyes!

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  1. After I read this post, I intended to watch the movie on the streaming Netflix. Evidentially, this movie was taken off shortly after I checked on it. I struggle with putting my characters through pain. Having a character go from good to bad isn't something I have considered. If you know of a media that has this movie, please let us know.