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Monday, December 9, 2013

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas…with lots of giveaways!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be giving away copies of some of my books and some from friends and clients. So hang onto that proverbial hat and get ready for giveaways galore! Just put your email addy in the comments and tell me why you love Christimas! Be sure and put in your email addy as I won’t search to find you for one. (DID THAT BEFORE TO BE NICE, WHAT A NIGHTMARE!) So be sure you include the addy.

Tell me…why do you love Christmas?

First book giveaway will be Polar Bear Plunge, a Christmas novella from White Rose Publishing. Then:

Rose Ross Zediker: Wedding on the Rocks

Tamera Kraft: A Christmas Promise

Lisa Lickel: The Potawatami Boy 

Davalynn Spencer: As You Are at Christmas

Karla Akins: The Pastor’s Wife Wears Biker Boots

Rick Barry: Gunner’s Run



  1. What I love about Christmas - the chance to celebrate my Savior's birth.

    Please enter my name in the hat for the drawing.

    Jodie (digging4pearls(at)comcast(dot)net

  2. I love the family time. Somehow getting together seems special when celebrating Jesus' birthday.

  3. My favorite part of Christmas is the week leading up to New Year's. I love the peace and quiet and rest!

  4. What's NOT to love about Christmas? One of the things I love is the Sunday School Christmas play, because you never know what the kids are going to come up with. We had a young man who always read "manger" as "manager," no matter how many times we corrected him. On the day of the play, sure enough he said, "What's a Baby in a manager have to do with me?" Hopefully as a grown man now he realizes the significance of the Baby in the manger. sscuffe (at) yahoo (dot) com Blessings!

  5. Our church holds 5 free Christmas concerts every year for the community that draws around 7,000. It's a wonderful opportunity to invite friends and neighbors who may never go to church. The gospel message is given and it has changed many lives. JanetGrunst (at) gmail (dot) com Merry Christmas

  6. I love Christmas because of all the many opportunities to show Gods love.
    To help people To smile at people To be the person our Lord wants us to be
    Our Lords birth celebrated God bless you
    Chris Granville

  7. I love Christmas because our family gathers to celebrate Jesus birth. Also, we'll see friends that we haven't seen or heard from for awhile. I love the beautiful church services and singing at Christmas. Then, you have all the great baking, so you have a wonderful smell in your home, plus good food to eat. Christmas always makes me reflect that Jesus came into this world just so he could give his life for us to be saved.
    Barbara Thompson

  8. I I love to see the joy on the faces of my loved ones when they receive a gift that they know I thought long and hard about. I love buying them things that they don't normally buy for themselves.

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

  9. Hi Linda. This is so sweet of you. I love that we celebrate the birth of Jesus, who was born to die for us that we are able to join Him in Heaven when we die. Hard to imagine how much pain He went through as He bore all of our sins on that cross. Such a huge wonderful love. I don't like that it has gotten co commercialized. Too many think only of the gifts. I also love the gatherings of my large family. A time to remember what we are celebrating, and to spend time together for fun and laughter and because we love each other. When I get to see more of my grands is at these gatherings. I also like that one of my daughters is a Christmas baby, so we also celebrate her birthday. I would love to win this book. Would be a lovely gift to share with others. Thanks. Please use the email addy here: mac262(at)me(dot)com Maxie

  10. Hope I'm not too late--been down with the flu. My email is: I love Christmas because it gives me the opportunity to give presents to the people I love and to charities, etc. beyond what I would normally give. I can't wait to see someone open a present from me.

  11. Melanie B. congrats! Will be sending to you through your email. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  12. I would love to win Rose's book Wedding on the Rocks, for myself and to share with my granddaughters who love to read. One of the biggest things I love about Christmas is the beautiful songs about Christ and his birth and the Christmas programs at church. Am looking forward to the children's play this weekend.

  13. Enter on the current blog, Shelba, we'd love to enter your name!