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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Soooooo, how does it make you feel when someone gives your book a poor review? Or, if you're unpubbed, if your crit partners let you have it? I'm sure most of you have already read about the British self-pubbed author who was:

Let's say. . . . . .

Less than happy about a review she received and launched into a rant the likes of which a two-year-old toddler would have been proud, or maybe even embarrassed. Depending on the toddler, I guess.

For those of you who might have missed it, here's the URL:

Be prepared, however, it's full of slightly (ahem) colorful language. Knowing that agents and editors might tune in to the continuing saga (not sure I've EVER seen that many responses to a blog) would you really want to be remembered as the author who had the internet meltdown? Granted, she might be suffering from menopausal issues (I hope there's a logical reason) but then again, she might not.

Folks, don't burn any bridges in this industry.
It isn't worth it.

Simply thank the person for taking the time to read your work, whether a reviewer or a crit partner, and move on. I hope no one within reading distance of this post EVER responds in like.

Good luck, happy writing, may all your reviews be AMAZING!


  1. It was truly crazy. I was a little shocked because I don't think she realizes what this might cost her. Hopefully she'll publicly apologize, esp. to the review who imo did NOT deserve that kind of rant.

  2. Agreed. He actually gave her a halfway decent review from what I read of her work. How sad to think how one little thing can get so out of control and over the top.

  3. Reading these types of responses make me glad I have Jesus inside. At least we can ask Him and PRAY before we respond! There's no room for lack of impulse control these days when it comes to what we write on the web. If you don't have talent at the very least keep your reputation intact!

    I actually feel bad for her because of the way she tore down all that she'd worked so hard for. I'm not saying I excuse her behavior. I'm just one of those people who watches COPS on TV and feels bad when people destroy themselves. Hopefully, I can avoid this type of behavior myself. Good reminder, Linda.

    It's also a good reminder of why, if we do go the self-publishing route, that we hire or recruit strong proofers, critiquers, or editors.

    It also shows us why we need to learn to take criticism and learn from it. If you stick your neck out there, it's likely you're gonna get your head chopped off. That's the risk we take when we write for the public. There's a price to pay to be published, and to become good writers.

    Unless you're one of the few that has innate ability and talent to write bestsellers, you better get used to criticism because it's that criticism that will make you a good writer. I didn't even say great writer. I said good writer.

    When you ask someone to read what you write you're asking them to spend the most precious commodity they have: time. So it better be good. Bottom line: you'll never get good if you're not teachable. Just ask my crit partners. ;-)

  4. Great post, Linda... you know what they say: "Seems like God put some of us here to serve as bad examples." This poor lady educated many of us in a way that can only destroy her own writing career. So sad.


  5. Excellent advice, Linda. It's sad to see someone unwilling to learn. Someone like that simply will not make it in the publishing industry. But to see her take herself down like this...sad!

    But we can all learn from her example, because we're all likely to have poor reviews to deal with (although, I must admit, I hope my "poor" reviews are as good as this one).

    Suzanne :O)

  6. I haven't read the post - but I have an online acquaintance who does an AMAZING job of burning bridges. It's really, really too bad, cuz she is a good writer. Makes me mad AND sad.