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Monday, September 5, 2011

Remembering the Muse in You

Days come and go when you sit down and dash off dozens of pages of brilliant writing. Then…there are days…

Your original heartfelt writing takes flight and you’re left with an empty screen.
Now, for some, this is absolutely paralyzing.
Writers’ block.

Trying to meet deadlines, attempting a new style, writing for someone else instead of for yourself. So many reasons to feel the block as surely as an epidural.

Anything in particular that stops you?
What do you do to remember the Muse in you?


  1. Noise - lately, anyway. I used to be able to do ANYTHING with noise around me, but it's getting harder and harder. And a long to-do list.

    Stepping away - taking a walk sometimes, reading, writing longhand - those almost ALWAYS help clear it. But not every time, of course.

    Great topic, Linda!

  2. I have never really been "blocked". I've been distracted by a busy schedule or a noisy house, but never blocked. I tend to write at night when the family is sleeping, and my characters' voices are loud and clear. Then it's just a matter of taking dictation. They do all the work. The stories are theirs. They invite me in, and I record what I see, hear, smell, and taste. I'm just a record taker, and I try to tell the story as faithfully as I can.