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Sunday, January 29, 2012


Here we are in New Baltimore, MI. Time for Winterfest in spite of the fact that there is no snow, it's barely above freezing, and the sun's out--for now. It IS Michigan after all. But the plungers are ready and will soon take to the water.

When I chose a title for my holiday novella for 2011, I couldn't help but think of the many volunteers who work tediously for the Jingle Bell Run and Polar Bear Plunge here in my home town, all involved in local charities and organizations to help others.

If only I added a nurse and a bestselling returning war veteran, there might be a chance for some romance to "heat up" the winter activites. So I did. Even added a manipulating mother-in-law who planned to get her widow daughter-in-law back into circulation. "Circulation" being key for the Polar Bear Plunge and the war veteran who cracks his noggin during the festivities.

If you like laughs and a few tears, check out the novella, Polar Bear Plunge, OR stop by New Baltimore, Michigan this afternoon and take the plunge for charity.

You won't be sorry on either account!

Anybody from New Baltimore or surrounding area who attends Polar Bear Plunge today and leaves a comment and their email, will be entered in a drawing to win a copy of the book. Good luck and be blessed. I'm hoping for snow for all you plungers!


  1. Don't live near or going - but I LOVED the book. SO fun!

  2. Never made it to the Plunge! Fell on the ice getting into the car, and ironically enough, spent most of the rest of the day with "ice" on my elbow which was the size of a baseball. Grrrr, so many missed chances to market Polar Bear Plunge. OH, well, God's still in control!

  3. I had thought it was only a Michigan thing but turned out SeaWorld (or Disney?) just had one down here in FL. LOL Of course I thought of you. :-)

  4. Seriously? How did I, who lives around the corner from New Baltimore, MISS this annual event? Grrr.... Oh well, I guess there's always next year, right? :-)

  5. LOVE your book, by the way. It's so fun to read. Definitely a weekender and doesn't have to be Christmas to enjoy a light-hearted (even if it is romance) story.