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Sunday, January 8, 2012


…there’s a relative. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying. And it’s probably true in a great many instances.Common expressions can make great fodder for your stories.

Have you ever thought of going through some of the tired old expressions in order to come up with a stimulating storyline? Titles to nursery rhymes? Lines from a song? Suspense doesn’t come just from frightening news at night.

A tisket, a tasket, I bought a yellow basket. (and when I took it home, I found a mummified finger with a gold ring initialed with the letter C.) Old man Conyers had been missing for thirty years.

I saw Mommy kissing Santa…(and then he shot her.)

Ring around a rosey, a pocketful of posies. (a girl’s body is found in a lovely English garden. Zuzu’s? petals are in her pocket.)

A little corny, but you get the idea.

Wonderful, novel ideas can come from anywhere. If you sit at your keyboard and pick a topic, you’ll be surprised at how many amazing and fresh subjects will fill your head.

The next time you’re looking for a theme for a story, pick up a dictionary and just point at a word. Do you get a tingle down your spine? Maybe this is the next bestseller for 2012.


  1. What a great idea! SOOO many ideas. Everywhere.

  2. LOL Love your ideas, though I've never heard the will saying.

  3. So true! For me, the trouble is there are so many little time! :-)

  4. GREAT ideas, Linda. You're an inspiration!

    Aloha, Cheryl

  5. Jess, you probably aren't at that point in your life yet. You'll hear it eventually!

  6. I've never thought to use the dictionary to write my next novel! I might just give that a try:)