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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fiction Readers! Freebies--Giveaways--Goodies!!!

Starting this Friday!
Guess what, I'm in a post Christmas ho-ho-ho mood.
And because I love both suspense and romance, I plan to give away a lot of suspense goodies first, and then leading up to Valentine's Day, I'll add some romance packets.
Why should I do this?
I'm glad you asked...
I'm all excited about the release of three of my historic romance novels with Heartsong this year:
One in April, one in May, and one in August.
With Eyes of Love
An injured sailor, Jackson Judge, returning to Tennessee from Pearl Harbor feels as if life isn't worth living any longer. But his childhood friend, Barbara, not big on pity parties, has other ideas when she shows up from Indiana for his sister's wedding. She sees him with eyes of love.
Always, Abby
Jackson's kid brother, Will, brings back an orphan from the concentration camp Will helped to liberate. But his girlfriend Jeannine isn't exactly excited about becoming an instant mom. Barbara's kid sister Abby and Will's pen pal, however, bonds to the boy immediately, and Will can't help but notice she's not the freckle-faced kid he used to tease.
 The Substitute Bride
A young woman must figure out who she is following an injury after a train derailment, because there's a farmer who keeps insisting she was on the train as a mail order bride to meet him, and he wants to be married immediately. But how can she marry anyone until she knows who she really is and why she was headed West?
And if you love suspense and mystery like I do:
Then you'll love a chance to win books by Tim Downs, Brandilynn Collins, or Ted Dekker.
Join me the next three weeks for chances to win books...
And maybe something even more exciting than just a book!!!
And don't be selfish, tell a friend...

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