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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Today's Freebie from Tim Downs/a Day Late and a Dollar Short

 Tim Downs...
Suspense at a premium!
Today I'm featuring Tim's Bug Man series...
Well, there's no lying. I sometimes like my suspense peppered with a bit of humor to offer a tad of comic relief and Tim Downs is the author to give me just that.
Starting out as a cartoonist, Tim has carried his humor into suspense that twists and weaves incredible tales full of gritty, unique, and more often than not, very quirky characters.
In his Bug Man Series, character Nick Polchak thinks he's more bug than human in his job as a professor and forensic scientist, Polchak uses bugs, that right: bugs, larvae, maggots, oh yum! to determine how long a person has been dead. The kind of maggot that lives on flesh? Oohhhh, that's right, it must be the blowfly or something similar, but by the time you've read the book, you'll know more about flies and bugs than you ever thought you wanted to.
Tim's books were recommended to me a couple years ago, and I've spent those two years catching up on all the Bug Man books he's written. To say he's quirky, is to say a two-year old is full of energy. Nick Polchak and his off again on again girlfriend make for wonderful reads.
Here you go...the chance to win a three-book kindle bundle.
Can you tell me: the type of scientist Polchak is(hint-he studies bugs) the name of his girlfriend,
 and what she trains?
Go for it. First person to post a comment AND LEAVE HIS OR HER EMAIL ADDRESS with those three things wins the kindle book bundle.
If you haven't read any of Tim's books, head to Amazon where a lot of fun waits for you from this wonderful author.

BUG MAN,  oh yeah!


  1. 1. forensic entomologist
    2. Alena
    3. Trains cadaver dogs

    Wow that sounds like an interesting series!!

  2. Yeah, Stephanie. Way to go, you even spelled entomologist right. Woot! Hope you enjoy the books. Stay tuned tomorrow folks for another giveaway!

  3. At first, I thought I spelled it wrong, I had to check it before I submitted it. It sounds like it would be spelled in a more confusing way. I can't wait to read the books, yet I'm scared of reading about bugs. We'll see how I do with it.

  4. I guarantee the bugs won't bother you at all. They're a very interesting way to solve crimes. And the stories themselves are sooo fresh. Glad you found Tim Downs and his quirky characters.

  5. One of my favorite series, ever. Tim gave a free copy of one of his books at the Indianapolis ACFW conference a couple of years ago - that freebie led me to purchase every other book he's written. :-)

  6. I'm with you, Holly. Book one and I was hooked.

  7. Well, I've heard of forensic dentistry, but not forensic entomology!
    Still, it sounds like a very interesting way to solve crimes.

  8. If you read him, you'll be sooooo hooked!