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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Too Many Folks Too Anxious

There are too many folks too anxious to submit before they’re ready.

I’ve just finished most of my conference schedule for the year, and I have to admit that I’ve seen folks signing up for one appointment after another with first this agent and then that editor. Too many appointments, not enough time in the classroom. After all, that’s why they’re at the conference, right? Apparently not. Because instead of learning their craft, they seem to simply want to shop around manuscripts…some ready…most are not.

I would think after spending anywhere from $500-well over a thousand dollars, a writer would want to learn more about the craft.

Sorry, sitting here a tad frustrated that I saw so many writers with a lot of potential doing nothing but shopping around a tired old manuscript that hasn’t changed in years when they could benefit themselves by sitting in a classroom learning the craft.

Okay, done ranting, but I fear I’ll see the same folks next year doing the same, and they have too much potential to be stuck in a rut.


  1. Hi Linda! I agree with you. I saw many writers running every two seconds to the the board to snag appointments and most of them seemed frazzled and yes, anxious. I made my editor selections (I have an agent) and then I chose classes that I felt would benefit some of my weaker areas of writing. When I received two appointments, I was thrilled that I got my top two. I did check the board once looking for a particular editor. I felt like if it was meant for me to chat with her, then she'd be there. I'm not saying anything is wrong with checking the board frequently. Not at all. But if a writer is anxious and frazzled and not attending a single class, I don't see how that can benefit him/her. I'm using some of the tools I learned for a new manuscript and it's making a huge difference. Money well spent! :)

  2. I'm with you, Jessica. All that money that goes into these conferences needs more than an appointment or two to justify it. Smart girl, so important to be in the classes.