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Sunday, June 12, 2011


I want to take a minute to do a shout out for my agent and mentor, Terry Burns of the Hartline Literary Agency. Very few agents, in this atmosphere of unsure publishing trends, are willing to take on new authors. Understandable, most want to go for the sure thing--an experienced author with plenty to offer, and bucks to be made.

But how does one get experience and publishing credits without an agent who will give him or her a chance in the first place?

Enter Terry Burns, agent extraordinaire! "Send it to me and I'll look it over." And he says something to that effect more often than not. I know, because I work with him wading through some of the submissions. Are they all stellar? No. But each and every one of them receives time, a commodity few people have for each other these days unless there's something in it for them. And a caring response. Also something that is short in supply.

Lately, it seems his client list has been adding publishing credits left and right, to be cliche, and it couldn't happen to a better agent. Someone has to be a help to newbies anxious for their first contracts. And Terry has made that happen more often than not. I'm proud to be part of Team Terry and glad to know there are those out there with servants' hearts, willing to help "the least of us".

Move over bestsellers, there's a man in a big Stetson nippin' at your heels!


  1. Terry is a wonderful guy - so excited for you, dear Linda.

  2. This is SO wonderfully sweet, Linda! He couldn't have a better assistant than you, imo. You both are incredible! I'll tip my Hat to you both! (it's an imaginary hat, but that's okay, right?) Heehee.

  3. That's very nice, Linda, thank you. For me being an agent is all about trying to help Christian writers get their words out. Not so much a job but a mission. I appreciate your comments, and your help.

  4. Yay, Linda!! Thanks for bringing attention to such an amazing agent.