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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


If you’re not adverse to holding your sides to prevent bursting,
If you don’t mind having to change your shorts
halfway through a read,
If you don’t mind strangers staring as you belly laugh in public,
Then you’ll want to pick up a copy of
Tim Downs’ newest entry
in the Bug Man series,
Nick Of Time

When Nick Polchak and Alena decide marriage is the answer for two quirky people who might never find anyone else who understands the other any better, Nick is voluntarily whisked away the week before their wedding to partake of a cold case crime with some of his eccentric genius buddies. As the case sends him state-hopping, and bug collecting, Alena waits alone, and not so patiently at home for him to return in time for the ceremony. But Nick finds a lot more than decaying bodies and bug casings, he finds…well, if I tell you what it all means, I’d have to kill you.

Grab your belly binder, a few dry pair of shorts, and put on your blinders to the rest of the world, you’re ready for the read of your life.

You didn’t see it coming?
Didn’t I warn you?
Okay, there’s more than laughter, there’s a thriller that will keep your heart pumping like an old-time fire engine.
Don’t waste another minute before getting your hands on
What a great summer read!
Did I mention dry shorts?


  1. I wanted to say that you write a fantastic review!!

  2. Aww, thanks, Terri! It was easy after this read, what a great story!

  3. What a fun review, Linda. Sounds SO like a winner.

  4. You had me at dry shorts!!! Love it. :O)

  5. Sounds wonderful, Linda! Thanks for the post about Nick of Time!

  6. You bet. I'm always looking for new authors to read. And this guys was awesome!