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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


In life, there will always be plenty of people to tell us we can’t. But when God places a dream in your heart, let hope find root. Don’t look at your unfulfilled dream like a weed and pick it prematurely. Recognize it as the real thing. Then give it time to grow, time to be all it can and then pick it, share it, allow others to be part of it.

We have to allow God’s timing is all things, our writing especially. Very few folks sit down and dash off a novel, have agents and editors fight over the work, and see it published as a bestseller. That isn’t one of life’s realities, but in God’s timing, if He placed writing in your heart, then allow Him to be the one to ready it, place it, put your woven words in the right hands.

Anymore than you would want a baby born prematurely, you wouldn’t want your work brought out too soon, either. Allow it to grow and with God’s timing, the day of showing the world your work will arrive.

When God places it in your heart, give your story time to take root.