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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Monday! Pitch Contest...Pitches and First Chapters

Monday! Monday! Monday!

Let's see those pitches in preparation for the conferences coming up.
Monday, I'll be available to interact with all of you on your pitches. Here are the ground rules:

1) 20-30 words max, less if you're really brilliant
2) Tell us the overall theme of your story in these 20-30 words
3) Grab the reader's interest right away, don't go on and on
4) Tease us so much it hurts!
5) Chime in on other participants' pitches, the purpose here is to help authors get their pitches ready for submission at future conferences, and the more we can interact, the stronger the pitches should get.

I will pick the five best at the end of the day Monday to look at the synopses of those FIVE THAT INTRIGUE ME THE MOST just from their pitches. I'll do a quick overall critique of your synopses and first chapters.

SO! It's a contest, too!
Bring your friends and your friends' friends!!


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  2. Just dawned on me that I wasn't supposed to do this until Monday. Sorry about that. Big duh moment!

  3. Here's mine!

    When a Wall Street executive is framed during America's final collapse and hunted by the U.S. Government, he runs toward a West that's gone wild again.

  4. Aiding downed enemy airmen in Nazi Germany is punishable by execution,
    but she knows this man. Dare she help him?

  5. Colonial preacher's daughter upsets the life of domineering British officer, and his children help her.